Kind+ is the only budgeting platform that makes you more philanthropic. We are excited to have you a part of our journey and looking forward to have you joining us in making our impact footprint on this world.

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  • Environment
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$1 can provide 3 children with food-based micronutrient fortification for one year.

Ref: Project Healthy Children.
$3.75 can restore a native plant shrub.

Ref: CarbonNeutral Charitable Fund.
$2 a day would help to a refugee family in Uganda to invest in rebuilding their lives.

Ref: GiveDirectly Fund.
$2 a day would help to discovering and promoting the next most effective solutions to global poverty problems.

Ref: Innovations for Poverty Action Research.

Kind+ is committed to foster a positive impact in our world. We enable our users to make the better choice by taking out the stress in managing their finance and providing frictionless channel to give back.

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Frictionless Micro Donation.

Kind+ have digitalise the coin donation box system, a method that is quickly becoming obsolete due to the rapid shift towards a cashless society.

You're in control of your own good deeds. Customise your giving preference, give more when you can and keep more when you need.

Budget like a Philanthropist.

Financial freedom start from managing your budget, philanthropy start from a small change. Kind+ is designed from the ground up with you in mind, it is a breakthrough to add a bit of fun to budgeting.

The best part? It will make you happy, because it's both free and charitable!

Project Roadmap

IA Accelerator
Investment Ready
August 2019
Beta Testing

The Kind+ team have the prototype ready and the project is currently at investment ready stage. We are currently seeking to connect with potential impact investors and to partner with charities of any sizes.

Kind+ is proud to be a part of the Greater Outcome initiative as an Impact Academy 10 cohort.

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